Information and Guidelines


The Bible School Committee would like to remind all who plan to attend that the purpose of the school is for edification and increase of scriptural knowledge.  All in attendance will be expected to conduct themselves accordingly, and are asked to attend all classes and obey the rules designed for the good of all.

It is recommended that you use the Owensboro, KY Airport if you are flying directly into Owensboro.  You will need to rent a car if flying into the Evansville, Louisville or Nashville Airports as we do not have the resources to pick you up.

Dormitories are designed for two occupants per room.  We have the use of Kendall Hall 2nd and 3rd floors which has a newly installed elevator with room key and security pass key to enter the building.  Deacon Hall does not have an elevator, but we usually only use the first and second floor rooms.

A nursery will be available for pre-class children during class periods.  A separate room adjacent to the chapel will be available with audio streaming during lectures for parents with small children.

What to bring: Bring your Bible, hymn book  for hymn sings (although hymns will be printed and distributed for the selected Hymns for the school), notebooks and toilet articles.  Please remember that the college will not provide linens, towels and washcloths.  Also bring your own pillow, pillowcase and blankets.  No fitted sheets as the mattresses are longer than standard.  Plan your wardrobe to include attire suitable for assembly and classrooms.  Pantsuits and shorts are permitted for recreational hours only.  Sisters are requested to wear hats during the Memorial Service.


KBS Guidelines:

  • Parents and guardians of minor age children are responsible for their supervision at all times.  No minor children are permitted to be alone on campus unsupervised.

College requirements:

  • No decorations or signs may be attached to the walls or any surfaces of the premises without consent of the college.
  • All alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED from KWC facilities and grounds.
  • At all times, appropriate KWC staff and representatives will have access to all portions of the Premises.
  • Except for seeing-eye dogs, animals will not be permitted on the Premises.
  • Smoking is PROHIBITED from KWC facilities and grounds.
  • Accessibility of the elevators, hallways, stairways or aisles shall not be blocked.  No additional locks are permitted on any windows, doors, or other entrances on the Premises.
  • Fireworks are PROHIBITED from KWC facilities and grounds.
  • KWC reserves the right to exclude or eject from the Premises all objectionable persons.