The basis of fellowship for the Kentucky Christadelphian Bible School is exclusively the Christadelphian Unamended Statement of Faith.

Marriage Statements:

The Kentucky Christadelphian Bible School wishes to reaffirm a position, which was published in the May Advocate of 1982.  Our understanding of Scripture on this vital subject of marriage may be summarized as follows:

 (1) We believe marriage is a binding relationship between husband and wife in Christ, and their marital bonds cannot be dissolved, except by death of one of the parties (Matt.9: 5,6).

(2) We do not believe the Scriptures provide for an exception under any circumstance (1 Cor.7: 10, 11).

(3) We do not believe a husband or wife, in Christ, is at liberty to go to law. This restriction includes any attempt to obtain a divorce (1 Cor. 6:1-3).

(4) We believe that if an unbelieving husband or wife departs from a baptized believer, the brother or sister so affected is to remain in that status (1 Cor.7:15).

(5) We believe that if a brother or sister’s mate dies, he or she is free to remarry but only in the Lord (1 Corn. 7:39).

(6) We believe that a baptized believer, who remarries after a divorce, and before the death of his or her former mate, is living in a continuing adulterous association and cannot be accepted at the Memorial Service as long as he or she remains in this condition (Luke 16:18; 11 Thess. 3:5-15).